J.M.Kamau Security (Ltd) is the most profound security company establish in UK, designed to serve and protect.  We have acquired versatile clients ranging from constructions, railways, Guarding services, retails, homes, hospital and commercial industries. Who like working with successfully productive team that bring the best security solutions, and provide the very best of services. Our Business Development Managers consult with each client to understand their individual needs and provide a tailored solution from Manned Guards to our wide range of products. All system development is handled by our in house IT and Operations department where bespoke solutions are built to the clients requirements.

Every system is installed and maintained by our experienced engineers in line with the fully prepared risk assessment and method statement for site. Reliability is key and every system is fully tested and signed off to the client’s satisfaction before going operational to ensure peace of mind.

Our advance professional Smart CCTV with motion sensor, heat detection, infra-red and vehicle number plate recognition system is designed to be a standalone temporary system which can be utilised at short notice to cover any project length. The system can also be installed permanently to replace security personnel, automate a site barrier system or manage all elements of a facility remotely.

We have worked tirelessly to provide full cycle security services to our clients, and our staff are selected because of their training, keen insights, dedication and travel hours to providing exceptional service and upholding our stringent standards.

John Mburu (Hons in Civil Engineering) the founder of the company understands the changing dynamic of construction and railway challenges facing the industries. J.M.Kamau Security (Ltd) prides itself on being different to other companies in delivering the best adaptable service to the client. J.M.Kamau Security (Ltd) also follows a set of ethos that sets about in continually growing both the business and the people that work within it. J.M.Kamau Security (Ltd) services are based on its core values of integrity, quality, loyalty and trust.

J.M.Kamau Security (Ltd) operates our own 24 hour control room with fully trained Control Supervisors monitoring sites and co-ordinating police response to incidents. Our Mobile Supervisors respond to incidents and ensure that all property is left secure and safe for the client.