J.M.KAMAU SECURITY Officers are competent and protective agent who understand the nature of job and work diligently within the boundaries of the law. As required by the current mandate of the security industry legislations.

Therefore, 100% of our security Officers are fully trained and licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to fully comply with The Private Security Act 2001.

J.M.KAMAU SECURITY Officers are Integrity and professional to the job, focussing on providing exactly what the client requires to meet their business needs. Professionalism is always carried out at J.M.KAMAU SECURITY and all security officers deployed are fully equipped and uniformed to provide a visible presence for our clients.

 We have dedicated officers with detailed knowledge of the site and personnel whom are also able to respond to customer requirements. Being a visible presence requires face time with a customer, which is why J.M.KAMAU SECURITY Officers are fully trained in customer greeting services to ensure good relations and positive responses from clients.

J.M.KAMAU SECURITY Officers are at hand to deal with all situations J.M.KAMAU SECURITY  officers are at hand to deal with all situations. Our security officers are trained to handle all types of incidents be it arson, theft, intrusion or criminal damage.

Having an J.M.KAMAU SECURITY Officer will give you assurance that all incidents will be dealt with in the correct manner and working together with the authorities, the matter at hand will be solved quickly and efficiently.

J.M.KAMAU SECURITY provides a 24 hour control room fitted with computerised systems that monitor security officers in Real Time.

 Patrol monitoring ensures that the work is done, the premises are safe and secure, assures that the security officers are safe and it also compiles an extensive report about the service. J.M.KAMAU SECURITY ’s 24 Hour Control Room provides its security officers support at all times and regular supervisory inspections are conducted to ensure a high quality service is delivered at all times.