The virtual Site Guarding service we are offering to clients is bringing Site Security Guarding forward with the latest 21st century CCTV technology combined with extensive IT knowledge and experienced in security industry to provide a fully managed and monitored security solution which is more effective, more efficient and more economical than traditional security measures.

We have advance CCTV professional equipped with motion sensors, Wireless connection, live voice warnings and co-ordinated Police response Virtual Guard can be utilised on any project of any size supporting site with 24 hour recording up to 30 days, on site monitor for live viewing and remote viewing via web log in.

To provide the utmost safety and security, Virtual Guard is designed to be a standalone temporary system which can be utilised at short notice to cover any project length. The system can also be installed permanently to replace security personnel, automate a site barrier system or manage all elements of a facility remotely.

Once activated an alarm video clip is sent to our monitoring station to be assessed by our fully trained and licensed Supervisors. The supervisors will then assist nearby patrol team or manned guard on duty to carry out the immediate patrols.

During an alarm all cameras for the site appear on screen, providing a live image of the site for reference along with all procedures and contact details.

Live verbal warnings are issued and the Police contacted immediately along with the Mobile Supervisor tasked to attend site, assess any damage and ensure all property is secure.

Virtual Guard is available in three simple pricing options to help you choose the right security solution for your budget, designed installed, monitored and maintained by J.M.Kamau security’ directly employed engineers ensuring our service delivery and customer support is direct, efficient and guaranteed.