Static Guards patrol and secure premises during out of office hours, weekends and bank holidays 24 hours a day throughout all 365 days of the year. Manned Guarding ensures that your premises are always secured against any threat.
Working in partnership with local authorities, Static Guards provide a comprehensive service to insure that your business remains running without incurring unnecessary costs.

Construction site are generally poorly secured, especially where is temporary fenced and unfenced areas, attracting risk of theft, damage and vandalism a lot of high value materials, plant and equipment from outdoor area or gain access to less secured office essentials. This can be easily accessible for criminals if proper and effective security measures are not put in place.     

J.M.Kamau Security (Ltd) services is familiar with construction site that is constantly changing. The site changes physically as it is being developed and built and it changes in value as it grows and develops, introducing different materials and equipment that are brought on to the site. New groups of people that need to enter and exit the site also change on a regular as a construction project proceeds. 

We have invested heavily in new CCTV technology with motion and infra-red intrusion detection that rise alert to site security guard, mobile patrol and main office in operational. Mobile CCTV tower cameras are 100% wireless and solar powered so it can be installed anywhere for optimum effectiveness. This is why J.M.Kamau Security (Ltd) would appreciate providing security services