The CCTV smart Tower is powered by solar making this tower  is Fully Green, environmental friendly and also provides a simple yet effective CCTV solution to provide all the protection your sites need, they are 2 type available as either a static unit, or as a fully mobile wheeled unit, it is the first rapid-deployment CCTV.

The Smart Towers have allowed us to eliminate impact on air pollution, carbon and noise compared to the traditional diesel powered plant.

The omission of solar means that we’re also able to relocate and move the CCTV across the site without impacting on the protection of water streams which is a key risk on this site:

Smart CCTV tower features and capability:

  1. Integrated, rapid deployment CCTV system
  2. PTZ camera with up to 150m range
  3. Connect with up to 12 radio PIR detectorsDigital video recorder
  4. Audio challenge facility
  5. Multiple anti-tamper mechanisms
  6. Extendable mast up to 12m
  7. Fully accredited Remote Video Response Centre
  8. Provides 24/7/365 operationand response
  9. 3G/4G connectivity
  10. Hydraulic 12m mast
  11. Hybrid configuration combines mains, battery & fuel cell
  12. 4TB hard drive for real-time recording up to 30 days
  13. Fully-accredited Remote Video Response Centre  provides 24/7/365 operation and response 3G/4G connectivity  or optional Satellite